Friday, 13 October 2017

What is the best way to make money online (pay per click or something like that)? Which sites pay the best?

Create a blog, find or create contents that people will love and drive traffic to your site. When you gain enough traffic, sign up as a blogger or publisher with online media companies who specialize in advert placements. Google remains a key player in this market and runs the popular Google Adsense program that has stayed consistent over the years. There are several other publishers equally as great as Google.
And if you can’t write, you can become a content publisher with YouTube. Create a YouTube Channel, create videos and upload them on YouTube. Once you’ve published a few videos and garnered some traffic or subscribers to your channel, sign up for the YouTube Partnership program and allow adverts to run on your videos. You will make money when people click on or watch the adverts that appear within your videos.
And lest I forget, Facebook recently joined the fray. We all use Facebook but not everyone has realized or understood it’s become a business tool in recent years.

You can now generate income from your activities on Facebook especially if you generate contents and upload videos and allow Facebook adverts to be embedded within those materials.

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