Sunday, 4 September 2016


1. Comment on blogs:
A great way to get your website popular is to comment on other blogs. For this to work you have to leave comments on blogs that are related to your website and the comments you leave have to be insightful.

2. Leverage message boards:
Message boards may sound boring and dull because they’ve been around for years, but they are still effective. There are millions of message boards on the internet and there is one for almost every.

3. Optimize your website for a search engines:
Google is the most popular website on the internet, so why wouldn’t you leverage it? Through search engine optimization you can rank higher on google so you can get more visitors to your website.

4. Start a blog:
It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running, you can still have a blog. With the startup KISSMETRICS.

5. Google local:
Search is becoming more and more personalized. When you perform a search on Google, you’ll start noticing that the results are becoming tailored to your location.

6. Leverage social networks:
From Facebook, to Twitter, to Google plus, they are all popular sites. That you should be leveraging. Create profiles on each of those sites as they are a good source of traffic and they’ll create new opportunities for you to find customers.

7. Become a guest author:
An easy way to get your company out there is to write guest blog posts on other blogs. There are thousands of popular blogs on the internet. And the one thing all of these blogs want is more content.

8. Case studies:
If you already have happy customers, why not get a case study from them? Get them to talk about your product or service, how they used it, and the results they got.

9. Write beginner’s guides:
Do you remember when companies used to write white papers? Although they are still effective, the new version of them are “Beginner’s Guides”. These guides vary in length, but the one thing they have in common is that they are thorough.

10. Speak at conferences:
Speaking at conferences is a huge way to get new customers. Not only does it help position and you and your company as the authority, but you can make sales. How many times have you been to a seminar and listed to a sales pitch? I’m sure you have. But they work if you’re selling something of value and you just blew everyone’s mind with high level knowledge.

11. Start an affiliate program:
If you don’t have the money to spend on marketing, you can always get people to market for you for free. The only thing you have to do is pay people for each sale they bring to you. Think of it as performance based marketing.

12. Answer questions:
From forums to question and answer sites, people need help. If you can answer questions related to the products and services your company provides, you can get new customers. You can find these potential customers on forums on question and answer sites.

13. Attend conferences:
If you can’t be a speaker at a conference, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend them. Everyday there is a new event going on, you just have to find relevant ones to attend =. Sooner or later you’ll realize that people go to these events to meet other people.

14. Talk smack:
The good part about having a blog is that it gives you an audience that you can communicate with. And when you tell them something, it will start spreading virally on the web.

15. Give away the farm:
Talking smack about a company on a blog is one way to get new customers, but another way is to give away the farm. Similar to the strategy above, you can use also email companies and tell them in a step by step format of everything they need to change on their website to get more traffic.

16. Ask for referrals:
Do you already have customers? If so, have you asked them for referrals? It’s a pretty effective approach as long as your current customers are happy with you.

17. Leverage YouTube:
Not only do videos now appear in search results, but also can use them to show how good your products actually are. Blendtec has done this for years and it’s been effective. They don’t just claim that their blenders are powerful, but they also show you by blending things like bricks, iPhones, and other cool devices.

18. Offer steep discounts:
Groupon and LivingSocial are able to drive thousands of sales for any procuct or service… Assuming you give a really good deal.

19. Have exceptional great customer service:
One of the easiest ways to increase the lifetime value of your customers is to offer exceptionally great customer service. For example, Zappos will automatically upgrade your shipping to next day air every once in a while. And they also offer a 1 year return policy with little to no questions asked.

20. Get press:
The more people that talk about your company in a positive way, the more people will come to your website and check out what you are offering. The hard part about press is that it’s not easy to get the attention of the major news outlets.

21. Pay with a tweet:
LinkedIn is a powerful way to generate leads. It’s great because it’s still relatively new and not many people are advertising yet – similar to YouTube. You can target people based on their skills – which is very valuable. So if you want to target dentists in between the age of 55-60 who have cosmetic dentistry skills, then you can.

22. YouTube ads:
You can get $.01 clicks on YouTube from people who want to see your videos. YouTube is one of the secret ppc methods out there that won’t be secret for much longer.

23. LinkedIn ads:
LinkedIn is a powerful way to generate leads. It’s great because it’s sill relatively new and not many people are advertising yet – similar to YouTube. You can target people based on their skills – which is very valuable. So if you want to target dentists in between the age of 55-60 who have the cosmetic dentistry skills, then you can.

24. Slideshow sharing sites:
You can submit a slideshow or PowerPoint presentation to sites like and rank it on google for you target keywords. You can also get the same piece of content shared to 30+ other sites like on fiverr. Not only can you get traffic, but you can get quality links. That’s the real reason. So this is more of a seo method, but it’s one that is often overlooked.

25. Podcasts:
One of the best ways to build a loyal following is to do a weekly podcast that offers valuable content. Think about Joe Polish and Daen Jackson from I love marketing. They do a weekly podcast that offers feat content related to marketing, and they have a huge following. Plus, that pretty much encompasses all the content they post on their blog so you can repurpose content. If you record a podcast, you could write a blog post with the same simple message or idea. You could also create a video on YouTube. You could create social media posts talking about the same idea. Don’t copy paste – but essentially you can turn one message into a bunch of different forms of content that people love.

26. Retargeting:
Retargeting is when you show ads to people who previously came to your website but left without them taking the action you wanted them to. Have you ever noticed how ads from various sites you’ve previously visited never seem to go away? That’s retargeting in action. It’s very powerful and very cheap. Generally, it’s at least 50% the cost of traditional AdWords. That’s mostly due to the fact that less people do retargeting. They don’t know about it yet. It continues to grow in popularity, but is ripe to dominate now.

27. Find authorities for guest posting:
For guest posting, ideally this is what you would do. Guest on high authority websites. That way you get great link juice, and you build your brand and a following. But there’s another side to blogging. How about you get famous people to write a blog post for your blog and tweet out the finished post to their list? Sound pretty good? They will send a bunch of traffic. You can pay them if you need to, but most of the time you can get it done for free. You’re offering them a little value as well – they are getting a link from your site.

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