Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The World Needs.......?

1.The Beam from Suitable Technologies -

It is a roving robot with a large screen that allows employees in remote locations to interact with each other.

2.The XPS 13 laptop and Venue 8 7000 tablet from Dell- 

 So, the Dell XPS 13 is a 13-inch laptop smashed into a footprint the size of a 11.6-inch Macbook Air.  

3.The F 015 autonomous vehicle from Mercedes- 

Mercedes says that they will "soon" be able to make an economic case for building a car with autonomous driving capability in the very near future.

4.The Dart from FinSix-

Enter the Dart, a universal laptop charger that is four times smaller and lighter than your current brick.

5.The Eye Tracker from The Eye Tribe-

The Eye Tracker uses sensors to locate features in your eyes to estimate your point of gaze, allowing you to select objects and icons as you would using your mouse.

6.1U by Hoyos Labs-
The 1U app uses facial recognition technology to log you in to sensitive mobile websites, such as your bank or youremail accounts.

7.The Hovertrax from Inventist-

The Hovertrax is sort of like a horizontal mechanized skateboard.It uses gyroscopic sensors to keep you balanced and glide you quickly.

8.The Fre Power QZ from Lifeproof-

With a built-in 2,600-mAh battery, your iPhone 6 power case delivers 2x more battery life,Auto-Stop Charge and Rapid Recharge ensure greater endurance and faster recovery.

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