Saturday, 10 August 2013

Java Apps on Samsung Mobile

1. Install minicommander java applications: this app is the cornerstone so we have to install it. If you have it skip to 2 otherwise follow through:
a. in your samsung mobile browser go to url( ) without parentheses
b. in the bottom select Quick Download Code  –> then enter  31815 in the input box
c. press on the download button
d. follow on the screen instructions either save or install till it is finished successfully otherwise repeat the steps till successfull.
e. get out of your browser
2. Download your favourite app or game through your PC or Laptop:
a. Browse your favourite site which contain your favourite app or game. Mine is so let’s take a look at it.
b. You can search for app or browse till you find the desired game.
c. Click on Download App button on the right side.
d. Select download this application to your computer.
e. You have a *.jar file in your download folder e.g. Desktop
3. Make the .jad file through JAD Maker or
You have to have both .jar and .jad files in the program folder to work on samsung star so we have to make the .jad file out of the .jar file we have downloaded of the previous step.
a. If you are a Windows user   –>  Open JadMaker.exe  –> Drag and Drop your .jar file over the program window and a .jad file will be made in the same folder of the .jar file.
b. If you are a proud Linux user, you probably don’t need this guide. Anyway, make the file executable then at the command prompt ./ *.jar
4. Transfer both .jad and .jar files to your mobile either through bluetooth or usb cable:
Nothing smart in this and I forgot how this is done in Windows so I will skip the details. Just to note that I prefer you transfer them to your memory card just to ease this guide.
5. Create a folder in your system and put the .jar and .jad files in it using minicommander installed on your phone in step 1.
a. On your Samsung Star mobile      Menu –> Applications  –> Games and more  —> MiniCommander  ,  select Allow, ask once (this is the only option worked with me)
b. On the right panel select MMC and press OK to browse files on your memory card
c. On the left panel select filesystem and press OK to open the system files on your phone
d. Press 123  then  7  to create new folder and rename it as you like but keep it simple.
e. Select your created folder and press OK to open it.
f. Select the .jar file on the right panel and press 123  then  5  to copy it then OK.  Repeat this with the .jad file
g. Exit the MiniCommander App ( press the right soft key then 8 )
6. Now for the tricky part: Update JavaDB and Java Apps:
a. On your keypad type code : *#6984125*#
b. from the list  Select > Internals
c. Enter following unlock code there *#9072641*#    then   touch Confirm.
d. Select > Storage Settings
e. Press Update Java DB
f. Scroll down & press  Update Apps Database
g. Exit all these by pressing return key till your home screen
7. Go to    Menu –>  Applications  –> Games and more  –>  Voila your app is named as the path to it this means if you installed for example eBuddy you will find it named : minicommander/filesystem/eBuddy/eBuddy.jar
But guess what you can rename it as you like. You will know it from its icon as it does not change. Just press Rename on the screen below and Give it another fancy name.
NB.: You can make many folders in the filesystem  then  make step 6 to get them all installed.
Now, Enjoy your well worthed Samsung Star wifi Mobile.

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