Monday, 31 December 2012

Google India lights up a candle in memory of the Delhi braveheart

Google India has joined the country in expressing grief over the death of the Delhi gang-rape victim, by putting a vigil candle on its home page.
The message reads: “In memory of the Delhi braveheart”
Google India had reportedly shared an image of a candle yesterday on their Google+ page. Google said in its post: “Saluting the courage and fortitude of the Delhi brave heart. Our humble tribute.”
The 23-year-old girl lost battle to life after being gangraped by six men on a bus in New Delhi. The girl, also called as Nirbhaya and Damini, was cremated on Sunday morning as millions of people grieving over the death. People staged protests and candlelight vigil across the country demanding greater protection for women from sexual violence.
Google's initiative is likely to boost the ongoing campaign for the stricter law to prevent such incidents. Earlier this year, Google had used its home page to protest the Internet censorship. The company blacked out its logo on the home page. Also read, Google shows its support for Blackout day on homepage.
With growing number of Internet users in the country, the web has played a key role in spreading word. The social media was extensively used to garner support for the campaign against the Delhi gang rape. A lot of Facebook and WhatsApp users replaced their home page with a black dot. 

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