Monday, 21 May 2018

Social Media Image Size Guide


Cowl image 851 x 315
Profile photo a hundred and eighty x 180
Hyperlink photograph 1200 x 627
Shared image 1200 x 900


Cowl picture 1500 x 500
Profile picture four hundred x 400 Shared image 506 x 506 

Google plus:

Cowl image 1080 x 608
Profile photo 250 x 250
Shared photograph 497 x 373


Profile history picture
Between one thousand x 425 and 4000 x 4000
Profile photograph 400 x four hundred
Company emblem a hundred x 60
Business enterprise banner photograph 646 x 220
Agency career cowl photo 974 x 300


Profile image a hundred sixty five x 165
Pins in the feed 236 x scaled top
Clicked pins 600 to 735 x scaled top
Board thumbnail 222 x 150


Profile image a hundred and ten x 110
Rectangular picture in feed 510 x 510
Landscape photograph in feed 600 x 450
Portrait photo in feed 1080 x 1350


Profile photograph 800 x 800
Channel cowl photograph 2560 x 1440
Custom video thumbnail 1280 x 760

Sunday, 20 May 2018


On-site or on-page SEO is that the observe of optimizing components inside a given web site. It's abundant totally different from off-site SEO, that involves any off-page activities that facilitate to boost the ranking position of an internet page. 


Make sure that your meta title is about inside your ASCII text file or hypertext markup language document. create your title engaging.


Your information shows on Google or Bing's search result snippets. make certain your description provides the user a robust reason to click-through to your website.


Make sure that you simply use an equivalent meta title as your or web content title. it is not suggested that you simply use totally different titles. If you additional your brand to the meta title, you'll leave that out on the net page title. Use only 1 per page!


computer address 'on-page-seo-checklist.html' is far higher than 'on-page-seo-checklist?=weired-url-555'. Keep your URLs descriptive, short, ne'er use underscores however continually use hyphens.

USE SUBHEADINGS (112, 113, H4) 

Make use Of subheadings to boost the readability Of your content and take a look at to incorporate your most vital keyword inside a minimum of one among them.

USE transmission 

Engaging transmission like pictures and videos will improve the user expertise of your website, encouraging guests to have interaction any.


Include your target keyword inside the primary paragraph or the primary a hundred words of the copy.


Make sure your web site is mobile-friendly. Our recommendation is to possess a responsive style.


Make sure that your web content load quick. Common ways in which of doing therefore are: optimizing pictures, enabling compression on the server and optimizing image file sizes.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

16 Most Useful WordPress Plugins

  1. Yost SEO | SEO Plugin 
  2. W3 Total Cache | Cache Plugin
  3. Jetpack | web site Stat
  4. Akismet | Comment spam
  5. Wordfence | WordPress security
  6. Wp-OptirrgiJe | Optimize information
  7. Wp-Smush | Optimize pictures
  8. EIementor | Page Builder
  9. Warfare | Sharing plugin
  10. Tiny MCE | web log Editor
  11. Table Press | Build Table
  12. ShortCode final | elements
  13. Contact type seven | Add a type
  14. UpDraft | web site Backup
  15. MailChimp | Mail consumer
  16. IceGram | selling Plugin

Friday, 27 April 2018

How to change Alexa's name

1. Open the Alexa app.
2. Tap ☰ (the menu).
3. Tap Settings.
4. Tap your Alexa device.
5. Tap Wake Word.
6. Select a new word in the menu.
7. Tap Save.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Reduce net information usage on Windows ten

1.Go to wireless local area network properties and set metered association on additionally disable automatic windows update.

2.If you employ Google Chrome then it's one in all the rationale of your high information consumption. simply switch to Opera. Opera could be a browser that is thought for its low information usage.Give it a attempt

3.Go to Task Manager and finish those tasks that are intense most information.

4.Install GLASSWIRE - you'll be able to monitor and block softwares information usage.

Sunday, 15 October 2017


SEO - It takes time to get desired results and require different strategy and set of skills or experts.

It starts with your website onpage.. link building.. social media optimization etc


PPC - With ppc you can get fast results, starting from day 1. This also need PPC Expert to get the job done. In ppc you need to focus on landing page, create awesome adcopy etc.

Both are not free.. SEO takes time and PPC takes money as time=money.

Sort vector of vector in C++

Sort each vector independently...

vector < vector < int > > vec;

for(int i=0;i<vec.size();i++)

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